A Hole in One

Congratulations to my father-in-law, David H., he shot a hole-in-one last week in a golf course in the Florida Panhandle. Dad was ecstatic when he called us. I would be too, considering not all golfers get this in their lifetime of playing the game.

He has been an avid golfer since his retirement from teaching Physics (he works part-time as a pharmacist in the six months that they are here in New England). Of all the boys in the family, only Tim plays golf like his dad. They play every Tuesday in the summertime.

Dad is very competitive, when he was a coach of the Ashland softball highschool team, they won the MA State title. The high school sports field was named after him for all his great work in the sports department.

Dh and I wished we were there to see his reaction when he shot that hole-in-one, that would've been priceless. Now, he has one leg up over his golf buddies. :)

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  1. mareng barb, congrats sa DIL mo:)

    hey, ang laki na pala ni tyler mare.. in a few yrs binata na cya. hugss him for me:)


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