Wii Fit

We gave Amber a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and boy, the whole family loves it. :) It is a wonderful game system. Unlike traditional game boxes, the Nintendo Wii has some games where it is impossible to just sit on the couch while you're playing with it.

My favorite is the Wii Sports, it has different games like golf, baseball, bowling, boxing and tennis which is my favorite. Everytime I play tennis on the Wii, I get a workout. I played real tennis so now even though it is just a video game, I still swing my arms as if I am hitting a real ball. We also have the sport accessory attachment that you can buy to use with the Wii remote. It includes a tennis racket, a golf club, a baseball bat and a sword. My husband plays golf and he enjoys the video golf. It helps him practice his swing. Even the kids are learning the basics of these games and they want to try the real thing. You should see Tyler playing baseball and boxing. :)

Now Nintendo will have a new game aimed at fitness, it's called Wii Fit. The fitness game will come with a weight and motion sensing board called 'Wii Balance Board'. I'm looking forward to getting this, I hope this will help me reach my goal to be healthier this year.


  1. mabuti pa kayo naka bili...hintay na lang kami...sa ngayon she have something that she forgot the wii for now. hehehe

  2. Carlotz, noong September ko pa binili, nakatago lang sa basement. Alam ko kse na mahihirapan akong bilhin yon pag naghintay ako malapit sa pasko.


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