Charity or Scam?

I was at the parking lot of the grocery store with Amber and I was putting all the bags at the back of the SUV. An older woman approached us, she was in her late 50's - 60's. She was wearing a light blue rain parka and holding a purse. Before she approached us, I saw her talking to another woman in the parking lot.

She asked me if I can spare some money for her to get some gas. She said that she needs to go to Somerset but ran out of gas. She also mentioned that someone gave her some change and she needs a couple of dollars. At that moment, I was asking myself what I should do. Should I give her the benefit of the doubt or should I tell her 'no'?

I've already been a victim of a scam many years ago when hubby and I were still dating. He drove me home and after we went in the house, there was a knock on the door. A man in a wheelchair was at the door and asking us if he can borrow some money to get some colostomy bags from the pharmacy. He proceeded to tell us that he will leave us his eyeglasses and will return with the money. Hubby gave him $20 since we didn't have any change. Sad to say he did not return. :(

This afternoon, I was in the same predicament. What to do now? Something inside of me said to just give her the money, give her the benefit of a doubt.
I only have $5 in my wallet at the time. I wanted to get $2 lottery ticket at the store but the person at the counter was busy talking on the phone so we left. :(
Now this woman is asking me for money. I told myself that it's just money and money can be made (kailangan ko nga lang tumunganga sa harap ng computer para makapamingwit ng op LOL), that I should give it to her and just hope for the best.

So that is what I did. I gave her my $5. I cannot say that I felt happy for doing it. I guess it's because of my past experience. Until now, I cannot help thinking about her and my decision. I just hope that she really needed help. If it turns out that she's a crook, then there's one thing that she cannot run away from and that is karma. As for myself, I'm just glad that I am able to help out another person, didn't they say that you get tenfold what you give? So I am expecting to get $50 anytime soon. LOL

If this happened to you, what would you have done?

I found this article online today. :)
"Science, Bible Agree:Giving is Better"


  1. I think if I were on this situation, I would probably tell a lie. LOL!

    I would probably tell her that I do not have any cash on me.

    Which one is worse? Tell a lie or help a scammer?

  2. Hi Jojo, thanks for your comment. The point is that we don't know if she is a scammer or not. I would rather help someone and not have it on my conscience. If I probably had a bigger bill, then I would not give it to her, but it's only $5. I think that's who I am, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. :)

  3. mareng barb, marami din iyan dito sa amin. parang "modus operandi" yong iba pa nga dala-dala pa mga babies nila para mas lalo pa cla naka kaawa tingnan. at first bumigay naman ako but now talaga di na nila ako maloko no. lol*

  4. Mareng Ams, dito sa amin wala talaga kaya it was really unusual. Inisip ko na lang na mas kailangan nya yung pera kaysa sa akin, tutal kung tinaya ko yon sa lotto malamang di rin manalo. LOL

  5. Hi Barb, if it happened to me I'd do same thing you did. Whether she was telling the truth or not is beside the point. What mattered was that you GAVE. God blesses a giving heart.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  6. oyMayroon pa lang ganyan dyan sa inyo ate barb?H Hay nku dito they knock the house door and showed thier ID but what I do?! I told me them i dont speak german and even understand(in english way), sometimes i speak bisaya also or my last option is sabihin ko sa kanila na taga linis lang ako dito..hehehe

  7. Hi Mareng barb, if I were on your part. I will give her money $5 is not a big deal. In my own opinion. I feel lot better if I help somebody when they really need whether they're telling the truth or not. Nasa kanila na yon.Lalo't na ako madaling maawa. Bahala na siya kung nag lie siya sa iyo or not the important is you help her out. Sa nangyari sainyo ni tim noon. I think knocking on the door with stranger house. I would think says no! or I will ask identification ID. When somebody knock on the door like student even we don't even need it. Kenny always give money for fundraiser to the kids. Lagi rin ako nagbibigay sa Salvation Army even andrew learn from me whenever we passing by with the person in grocery store. Andrew ask for money to put inside the tin.

  8. ngeee.. boy oh boy.. I mean girl pala.. dios ko.. wala pati akong simba.. hahaha..

    hmm.. let me think.. based on some experienced of mine.. I now have become cold hearted woman. I know di ako papasa ke San Pedro patungong langit kaya I have to say sa old lady na.." ala akong pera.."..

    Bless your heart Barb.. antatyin mo na lang ang tenfold mong bigay. I am sure it comes in different forms and faces.. LOL..

    happy easter sa inyo.!

  9. Thanks Lou, within that short time frame inisip ko na lang na mas kailangan nya yung pera kaysa sa akin.

    Michelle, ang madami kong experience sa phone, nanghihingi ng donation. Yun ang tinatanggihan ko kse nakita ko sa TV na nagpapanggap lang.

    OO nga Mareng Lan, kids learn from example. Ganyan din ako, pag pasko binibigyan ko si Amber ng ilalagay sa Salvation Army kettle.

    Inday Fe, don't worry, isasabit kita sa likod ko. LOL this is the first time that I have encountered this here, siguro kung every week eh madadala na ako. :) Happy Easter to you too!

  10. Miss Barbs, it happened to us twice. We were in Bangkok. Steph went to the mall with the kids. There was a woman nearby, must have heard them talking in French. She approached steph in french and said they lost their suitcases in Pattaya beach and all their passports, tickets and credit cards. She said she needed to go to the embassy and airlines office but she doesn't have anymore money and she has kids, no money as well for foods. Steph took time to reflect but he finally gave a $100 dollars equivalent in Baht. The lady said she will send him the check and took steph's address in France saying as soon as they'll arrive in Paris will do that. When steph told me the story, I was a little apprehended since i know some stories. Well, he said he gave it feeling that woman badly needs help with her kids and she looks like it. That check never came but as he did it in good faith he just shrugged his shoulders. A learned lesson though.

  11. Hello, Babette. Saw you on my chat widget so I'm hitting you back. You're Filipino so I am assuming you're Christian. Christ chose to die for everyone, rich and poor, good and bad. The real essence of true giving is not choosing who to give to and giving till it hurts. Choosing to give whether they are really in need or not is always the right choice. In the end, what you give you get back a hundredfold. Bless your heart.

  12. naku, ganoon din ako....

    one time, kim nakalimutan ko ang b-fast nya, kaya wla siyang makakain.
    pagdating nya sa bahay, sabi nya,
    Mama, i do business today....i ask, how, .....
    sabi nya, every c-mates daw nya, sabi nya, kulang yon pera nya ng 10cents...so bawat isa nagbigay, naka punta daw siya sa Mac do with her cmates, at doon, busog daw sila....lol

    kaya, next time daw, ganoon na daw ang gawain nila ng friend nya....tawa silang 2.....

    pareho itong post mo ngayon.

    minsan, ay ewan totoo or not, ano?

    bahala na sila....sabi ko pa nga, bawat tao may Konsensiya at may Karma pa.........

    bahala na ang Lord sa kanila....

    kaya si kim, sabi ko, huwag mo ng gawain, kasi sa Time na needs mo talaga, wlang maniwala sa iyo.....

    thanks for sharing barb....

  13. hehehheeh

    hala si michele,

    akala ko ako lang ang gumawa nito....
    sabihin ko pa,,,hindi makaintindi or foreigner ako...no german...no english or french....talagang wla naman akong french ach,...

    tapos sabihin ko pa...tig linis lang ako dito, amo ko wla...

    actions lang gawain kasi pag nagsalita, patay....lol

    pagnarinig ni kim, sabihin pa ako....sinunggaling daw ako....lol

  14. bless your heart, ate barbs! if i were on your shoes, i surely have done the same thing. reason ko rin yong giving is better. saka kung sakaling niloko ka man nung matanda, kasalanan na niya yun. =)

    take care and happy easter!

  15. Dito nag dami talaga sa train at metro at first maaawa ka kasi gamit pa nila baby nila.Ngayong everyday ko na sila nakikita tapos parating pareho yong messages nila na ibinibigay sa mga tao kasi mostly mga Romanian dito sus,hindi na ako nagbigay kay lang sumasakit loob ko everytime makita ko yong baby at malilit na bata na dala nila.
    Pero at least Barb,tinulungan mo sya bahala na sya makonsensya.

    Happy Easter Sunday!

  16. Phoebes, Steph has a very big heart. It really is very unusual for someone to give a stranger money. This woman was surprised when I gave her my $5, I guess she couldn't believe that someone will give her that amount.

    Hi Wifespeak, you're right about that. It does not matter what their reason is, it is better to give to others. Thanks for the comment. :)

    Vks, kakatawa ka talaga. LOL I can imagine you opening your door, kayo ni Michelle. hahaha

    Joy, alam ko talagang mabait ka rin, katulad ko...mabait pag tulog. LOL Kailan kayo punta dito sa MA?

    Amor, madami nga akong nababasa na ganyan daw sa Rome. Ginagamit ang mga bata, mas malala pa nga because they steal/pickpockets and they target the tourists. Kaya nga gagamit kaming dalawa ni Tim ng moneybelt, mahirap nang manakaw pa yung passports and other valuables namin.


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