Easter Traditions

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my kid's favorite holidays, mainly because of the Easter Egg Hunt. Of course I also tell them about the importance of this day in our Catholic religion. It makes me proud everytime Amber tells me about 'religious' things she learned in school. This is the reason why we enrolled her in a Catholic school even if it means a lot of financial sacrifice on our part. We want our kids to grow up with a solid religious background. We believe that religion should be a big part of their lives.

Anyway, we started our Easter tradition yesterday by coloring Easter eggs. Amber and Tyler enjoy this activity very much. Amber was also able to do this in school last Wednesday and Thursday they had an egg hunt with the other students.
We always have a family egg hunt in the house or in our backyard, depending on the weather. My in-laws just came back from wintering in Florida the other day so they will have the egg hunt next weekend.

Tonite, we will have our family Easter dinner. I will be making Prime Rib with Au Jus, scalloped potatoes, steamed green beans and rice pilaf. For desert, I plan to bake a coconut cream pie.

How about you, do you have any Easter family traditions you'd like to share?


  1. We always go to church on Easter morning dressed in our Sunday's best because this is a special day unlike any other Sundays. Afterwards we have lunch in a restaurant, today its in British Beer Co. I don't usually cook unless we have company coming. I guess when Mikey is a bit older we will also do the coloring of easter eggs, but for now going to any easter egg hunting event is good enough. Later on, I would also instill in Mikey the true meaning of Easter not the way it is being celebrated here, very superficial and focused on Easter bunnies and eggs, lol. Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Mira, kami naman we went to church earlier than usual, we heard the first mass of the day. Usually, Easter is the most crowded day in church. Last year it was really packed during our regular time. Tim did not want to wear a suit though. LOL I started coloring Easter eggs eversince Amber was little, she loved looking at the different colors. The colors are water-based so it washes off easily. :)

  3. Happy Easter Monday to you barb n family.

    holiday pa dito, bukas pa ang pasokan.

    normally, sa familya ko ito, i mean they have 2 easter holiday...para both in-laws makasama.
    kaya sa akin side wla, ito kami lang dito sa flat namin...

    except sascha, with his gf family....na ganito na siguro ito, pag malaki na ang mga anak natin.

    kim, has a visitor, Janine, a pinay -mama nya nandito ngayon, kinuha nya kanani sa kanila by tren lang....

    she stay with us up to Sat. kasi pasukan na sa next monday sa school.

    oo nga, ang eggs na loto ni bernie, wala na colored kasi nakalimutan to buy colored powder for the eggs.

    ay naubos din sa b-fast namin, masarap pa siya magloto, nilagyan nya ng vinegar, masarap nga.

    kahapon nandoon kami ki lola, coffee drinks lang, as usual way.
    tapos dito na sa bahay....

    sigi, barbs, again have a wonderful Easter Monday there.....

  4. na missed ko rin itong mag-colored sa eggs.....

    yon mga maliit pa sila kim n sascha.
    ngayon, ay wala na....
    wala na gani eggs-choco hunting,
    daritsohan na....

    wala ng thrilling....

    thnks for sharing barb.....minsan naselos ako sa mga maliit-grades school kids....

  5. hI BARBS..THANKS A COMments..blated happy easter...easter monday pa ngayon sa germany...where r u staying ba in germany..if not too far from me ..its not a problem if we meet..let me know saan ka sa germany..cge tc dyan..pls vote for me too in salaswildthoughts..u can visit my blog in the right upper side..nandoon click lang ang salaswildthoughts...1 vote per day lang yan till 1 week..thanks in advance

  6. Hi Vks, malalaki na nga ang mga anak mo ano? Ako rin siguro ganyan din ang feeling pag malaki na sila Amber and Tyler. But I'm sure proud ka naman sa mga achievements nila. :)

    Hi Ruby, thanks for visiting. :) Sana nga malapit ka lang sa pupuntahan namin, sa Munich ang last stop namin. I will see Vicky when we are in Trier.


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