My Kids

I cannot imagine what my life will be without my two kids. I knew even when I was younger that I want to have my own family. I still remember the day when we found out I was pregnant with Amber, that was the happiest day of my life. Now we have two children, a girl and a boy. If I married earlier, I would probably have one more child. My pregnancies were not a walk in the park, I had complications during my last trimester with both Amber and Tyler. I was induced both times and they were both premature. That was not a problem though since they now are both normal and healthy kids.

Amber is now a 3rd grader at St. Marys Catholic school where she is an A+ student. Tyler meanwhile, will start pre-school at the same school this coming school year. Now that they will be both in school, I need to find something to do during that time frame. I cannot go back to work full-time because of their schedule, school ends at 2:30pm. I'll have to look into either working part-time or do some work-at-home jobs since my former job only offers full-time employment.

Sacrificing my career to raise my children has never been an issue for me. Children grow up so quickly and I want to be there during their formative years and then some. I have been a SAHM mom for 9 years now and let me tell you, it is all WORTH IT!


  1. I cannot agree more Barb. Good parenting is obviously shown at how Amber and Tyler have become.

    While I used to complain about not being able to get all the way through my review and not ending up using what I've worked for so hard; now I feel even more fulfilled in so many ways when I see how Mikey is becoming to be.

    It's really worth having a parent at home to guide a child during the important formative years of his life. I am still a work in progress but Mikey and I are learning from each other everyday.

  2. hi bette, cute namn mga nagels mo

  3. you have adorable kids, barb. soon may dalaga ka na. Si siopao ( siopao pa ba rin barb?) malaki na rin.Si syokoy ko dito malaki na rin kaya masundan na nga hehe

  4. beautiful kids! galing naman ni amber, smart kid indeed. and look at tyler, ang laki na niya. malapit na rin siyang papasok sa school. plano din naming ipasok na si ninev sa darating na pasukan. i hope she'll be ready by then. nabubulol pa rin siya minsan eh. LOL!

  5. mareng barb, anong niluto ng dalawang apprentis cook mo? wink*

    cute & adorable kids! gros bisous à tyler.. muahhh*

  6. Hi barb,

    Amen............our family, our kids, the most important, nothing much more than them.

    looking n caring at them, i am already very happy and satisfied of my life.

    thanks for sharing your post.qmcjt

  7. It is worth mareng barb to stay at home mom while our kids still needed more care and attention. I miss my son when he was still young now his almost 8 years old. He don't even want me to kiss him or call baby. I don't regret that I stay home with him. I use to say that I wish I have my family here to help me out so they can watch my son while I'm working, but it's actually worth of staying home during there childhood. It is hard to find a parttime job when you have pre-schooler. You always can look for parttime. You will gonna miss tyler being home with you everday.

  8. Good job Barb!you sacrifice your career for you children but look at them now,it really pays off!Wow!A+ ang talino ni Amber mana sa nanay.
    It's really hard to decide,working mom or stay at home mom as I help my family in Pinas but if I have a choice,ako ang mag aalaga sa anak ko para masubaybayan ko sila.Pero sguro ngayong mag stop na ako,I'm so happy kasi ako na ang mag aalaga kay Alex.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Mga ladies, thanks for all your nice comments. There were times that I was double-guessing myself and my decision. These doubts were always erased everytime I see my kids at their personal milestones. :)

  10. Hello barb, anong salad ang ginawa nila? pakain naman.. sarap siguro ang nilto nila. basta kids ang magluto sarap iyan kahit na, bouiled eggs.

    dai I can't write. I sliced my pointy finger.

    way to go as sthm. I had been doing the same for 22 years..iyan ang edad ng dalaga ko. kaya I can count fast of how long I had been doutbing myself if it is worth it. And endeed it is good for me and my family and my kids.

    Can't do much with short time they are in school as you also want to do extra activities after school. that is why I choose to be this way. cheaper pa di ba?

    ingat. off muna ako from blogging.

  11. cute naman mga angels u....kylan kaya me magkaron ng ganyan hehehe...happy thursday and god bless u more and more

  12. Cuties...ang sarap maging nanay.

  13. Mga amigas, thank you, thank you sa mga comments ninyo. These two were helping make pancakes for Sunday breakfast. Hanggang mix lang yan tapos nagsi-alisan na. LOL

  14. Hi Barbs,
    Reading thru your lines, I can feel how fulfilled you are dearie. It takes love, joy and commitment to something to really make it worth its while. Even if you have sacrifice your career, I know you did not loss anything. I salute you madame for being such a wonderful mom and wife, a thoughtful friend for what words can say behind, am sure a great daughter and daughter in law. You have more than a blessings to count for having those beautiful kids in your lap and am truly happy for you.

  15. 100% agree!

    wow- si Amber malaki na rin at si mr guapo...beautiful kids indeed!

  16. Hi Phoebes, it really is a dream come true for me. A lot of hard work but enjoyable at the same time. :)

    Ms. Carlotz, thanks at nadalaw ka dito. When are you coming back to MA? We need a reason to party. LOL


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