Ahhh Choo! Bless You!

Well, it is official. My own 'allergy season' started this morning. You know, the usual symptoms: sneezing and itchy nose and coughing. I don't have the itchy eyes yet, it'll come sooner or later I'm sure of it. We need to stock up on Claritin-D, both dh and I have Spring allergies although we have different kinds. Only downside to this medicine is it makes you very thirsty. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to drink some water. I don't mind though, it's better than having a restless night not being able to breathe.

I'm allergic to tree pollen while he is allergic to grass. I started having hay fever allergies while in CA, I've been living there for 3 years when my allergies started. I thought I had the flu or cold so I went to my primary care doctor and he said that it is just hay fever. Funny, but I haven't had any allergies growing up. I read somewhere that when a person moves to a new location, something triggers your allergies. We go through a lot of facial tissues during this time. If you suffer from hay fever like we do, I suggest using facial tissue with lotion like Puffs-Plus. It definitely is better than regular tissues. It is softer and will not dry out your skin. I hope this year my allergies won't be as bad as the past few years. :(

Do you have allergies?


  1. ay sis! i have that allergy too, mula pa nung bata ako.

    thanks for dropping by and your comment. she's alright now. ;)

    take care sis!

  2. Hi Liz, thanks also for the visit. I'm glad she's ok. :)

  3. Parehas tayo Barb.I guess,I started to have pollen allergy mga spring of 2001 .Since then dapat punta ako sa doctor before spring para uminom na ako ng gamot para pagdating ng spring till summer hindi na ako magka-allergy.Pero katulad ngayon nakalimutan kong uminom before nagspring,last week nga namumula,nangangati ang mga mata at ilong ko.Minsan nga para na akong nagkasore eyes :)pero nakainom na ako ng gamot kaya ok na ako ngayon.I-take ko yan na gamot till summer :(

    Next time uminom ka na nggamot before spring para hindi kana tablan.

  4. Hi Amor, yung medicine na ginagamit namin every day. I'll have to ask my doctor if we have a medicine like that here in the US. Kanina nga grabe ang allergy ko, di ako nakakapag-bloghopping dahil dito. :(

  5. Hi Barb, that is one thing I don't want to catch here in US, lol. Hopefully, I wont (knock on wood) Hubby has very bad allergies to pollen as well. He gets allergy shot every month so he doesn't suffer anymore. I hope you feel better and it wont be as bad as you had before.


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