Custom Photo Cards

While browsing online, I came across this website where you can make your own custom Photo Cards. They have a lot of card designs for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays among others. Businesses can also make their custom card to give to clients and employees.

This gave me an idea to make one for an upcoming birthday party. My son will be turning four years old this summer. We always have a birthday party for him with our friends and family. These past couple of years, I have always used boxed invitations that I purchased from local stores. This year though, I am planning to have a custom photo invitation made for his birthday party.

I plan to make a collage of his photos taken this past year and put the caption "Tyler from 3 to 4!". I will use that photo collage for the front of the photo invitation. With the custom photo cards you can print anything you like on the front or the inside of the card. For my custom photo invitation, I will put all the party information like the occasion, date and time of the party, our home address and phone number on the inside of the card. This birthday invitation is sure to catch everyone's eye.

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