A Despicable Act

Have you ever seen the face of evil? Click here if you haven't. This is the face of the Austrian man who imprisoned his own daughter in the basement for 24 years. All the while, he raped her repeatedly and fathered seven children with her. She disappeared when she was 18 years old and her father made up a story that she joined a cult and does not want to be contacted. She was holed up in the basement that is secured with a security keypad. The wife said that she has not gone down to the basement because her husband forbid it. Four of the children were raised by the grandparents, the husband told the wife that he found the baby by the door with the letter from their daughter. Meanwhile, the other three children stayed with their mother in the basement.

This is so cruel and appalling. Their neighbors are questioning themselves if there was anything they missed that should've raised a red flag about what's happening in that house. Do you think if this happened in the Philippines it would've gone unoticed? Probably not, there is usually that nosy neighbor who makes everybody else's business hers.

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  1. nice entry!and that evil guy!ah, i just hope justice should be served. We have one neighbor in the Philippines who raped all her 3 daughters and got kids with them. The situation was bad, and sad, it was even unnoticed for so many years. Yes,people will like to hear horrible stories, but really it is very difficult to do anything. He is not even imprisoned because the family woudn't want to. Crazy,isn't it? And his wife said it is okay for her...ah, really crazy!You see, even how much the government or social welfare would do if the primary people concern is very indifferent, what will happen?just nothing!


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