How To Get Rid of Gum in Fabric

I had a dilema the other day. Amber was chewing gum and somehow, some of it got onto her uniform. Don't ask me how, I have no idea. You can just imagine how upset I was. It's not just one glob, it's tiny stringlike stains all over. I went to my online resource, what else, Google. I found this and surprisingly, it works:

Things You’ll Need:
1 beaten egg white

wet sponge

1. Using a toothbrush, apply 1 beaten egg white to the stain,then let sit for 15 minutes. Whipping the the egg activates a foaming agent that dissolves the synthetic adhesives that bind gum to fabric.
2. Swipe with a wet sponge and clothing will be spot free.

If you have a big blob of gum, let item sit in freezer for a couple of hours then the gum should just pop off.


  1. Thanks for the infos Barb about gum in fabric kasi noon sa Pinas pa ako,what I did,I cut the fabric that has gum :( never know this talaga till you post it.

  2. You're welcome Amor. :) Ngayong nanay na tayo we need infos like this kasi siguradong we'll deal with this problem with our kids.


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