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Eversince I migrated to the US eighteen years ago, I have spent thousands of dollars for long distance calls. Phone cards were not popular back then. When you make a long distance call, you have no choice but to use the local long distance company that your phone company uses. For that reason, I try to save money by not making too many phone calls and believe it or not, write letters.

Gone are the days where I use my local long distance company when I make a phone call to my friends in the Philippines and in Europe. The phone company I used before charges too much for a long distance call. Add to that the tax surcharge, federal tax, etc. Having a high long distance phone bill does not make me a happy camper and because of this, I am always on the look-out for a good phone card.

I have tried a lot of phone cards over the years. I get these phone cards from different sources. There are phone cards that are issued by the phone companies themselves but I find them expensive. You can also get other phone cards in any Ethnic stores. Usually, the problem with some of these cards is that you do not get much minutes for the card amount you paid for. You need to find out all the hidden charges that the phone card company adds on to every call. A $20 phone card may only be a $10 phone card after all those charges. So you have to be very careful.

I found a website called phonecardsavenue.com where they sell cheap online phone cards. Phone Cards Avenue will also save you almost 80% over traditional long distance companies like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. There are a lot of different phone cards to meet your calling needs in phonecardsavenue.com

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