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Since getting my own domain, I have been trying to find ways to bring traffic into my site. We all know that getting a lot of traffic does wonders for the Alexa ratings, Technorati rankings and sometimes the Goggle PR rating. One way is to visit other websites and blogs to promote your own site. You can also post in different forums and hope that people will click on your link to visit your site. These take a lot of work and time which for most of us is very limited.

Another and easy way is to register with a web directory. You can register with DirMania which is a free business web directory. Their web directory is organized by categories (15) and sub-categories under that. Whatever kind of website you have, they have the right category in which you can have your site listed under. All you need to do is submit your website and give them your title and write a short description of your site. It is very easy to get listed, you only wait a maximum of 24 hours and will be listed as long as you meet the requirements.

One other good thing about DirMania is that the link you will get is a 'direct link' and this will help you improve your page ranking. DirMania currently has a Google Page Ranking of 3 so getting a link with them will be good for your PR. This web directory is search engine friendly too so you are assured that your site has even a better chance of gaining popularity.

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