What Do You Love Most About Your Husband or Partner?

Thanks to Amor of http://amorsjourney.com/ for this tag.

These are just some of the things I love about my dh:
-my husband is cool, calm and collected. My perfect kind of guy! Hindi madaling magalit unlike me. :p
-he is a good provider for our family. One long running joke between us is that he knows I didn't marry him for money, because he didn't have any back then. But now he earns enough for me to be able to stay home and raise our kids.
-he respects my relationship with my immediate family. I never heard him say anything bad about them. Whenever I need to give money for my brother back in the Philippines, he never questions me about it.
-he is a hands-on father. He was the one who woke up most nights for nightfeeding after my kids were weaned from breast milk. He changed his share of diapers. :)
-he is very loyal and trustworthy.
-he does not have any vices, he doesn't smoke nor drink. Good thing he got the drinking part out of his system while he was still in college. :)
-he is your typical 'family man' and that is more than enough for me.
-he loves me unconditionally, he wouldn't trade me in for a younger and newer model. LOL

I'm passing this tag to Mareng Lan.


  1. I enjoyed reading and love what you've written here Barb,ang swerte mo din sa asawa mo.He's really an ideal husband and a father too.

    Natawa naman ako doon sa sinabi mo sa last part,I'm sure di ka talaga nya ipagpapalit kasi di na sya makakakita pa ng kagaya mo :)

    Sori if ngayon lang ako nakabalik medyo busy sa nalalapit naming move.
    Thanks for making the tag Barb.
    have a nice evening

  2. mareng barb, Tim is a great husband and good provider.. match talaga kayong dalawa. I will do it this later ha.. almost 10pm na matulog na ako very soon parang may allergy ako. Alam mo ba may pr2 ang lanieonline.com ko so happy, but di pwede masubmit sa smorty at ppp. I hope to have more task in ppp and smorty para maadd ko ito. na sige talk to you later. tc

  3. I enjoyed reading this post your so lucky to have him but Im sure lucky rin sya sau God bless you and ur fam.

  4. Amor, thanks for the visit. Yun nga naisip ko na baka naglilipat na kayo. That's a lot of work talaga. Tama ka nga, mahirap makakita ng tulad natin. LOL

    Mareng Lan, congrats sa PR2 mo, sana lahat ng blogs ng friends natin magka-PR.

    Hi Laura, thanks for the good wishes. Ikaw rin maswerte, alaga ka talaga ng hubby mo. :)


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