50 Years and Counting

Yesterday, we had a party for my in-laws in our house. It is for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They were married in 1958, dad was 23 and mom was 18 years old. Even after 50 years, anyone can see that they are still very much in love.

There were a lot of friends and family who came and everyone had a great time. We had a lot of Italian food, a trivial pursuit game about their life and an 'Oldiewed Game' (a spin-off from the 'Newlywed Game'.) Mom's brother and his wife drove all the way from Arizona (he hates to fly). One of dad's brother and his wife drove down from New Hampshire. You can say that the majority of the guests were Senior citizens. :) All in all we had about 40 guests. We were so glad we had great weather, it was in the high 60's. To mom and dad, here's to many more years together.


  1. wow- 50 yrs. Congrats to them Barb.

  2. wow, te sana ako din umabot din kmi ng husband ko ng 50 years khit indi pa kmi kasal. I know ikakasal din kmi . Sana te kayo din tatagal ng ganito ka tagal heheeh. I love you te


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