Beauty Secrets...

This is a tag from Francine, Merci madame! :)

My Foundation: Clinique or Bare Escentuals
My Blush: Neutrogena
My Day Cream: NeoStrata
My Lipstick: Bare Escentuals
My Essential Beauty Product: Bare Escentuals Face powder
My favorite Make-up product: Bare Escentuals
My Perfume: I use too many: Parfum D’Ete, Angel, Romance, Aqua di Gio, Dream Angels, Lauren,Calyx, etc.

My Nails: natural LOL Although I prefer French manicure, if at all.
My Feet: natural also, I sometimes do it myself. I’m worried I’ll get some foot disease from the foot spa in the salon LOL
My hands: I swear by Lubriderm lotion
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: shampoo, body wash, deodorant
Women I admire for their beauty: Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai
Women with the best Sense of Style: Sarah Jessica Parker
My ultimate dream: To see my kids succeed in whatever endeavor they choose
My favorite fashion publication: none, I prefer to read something else like National Geographic magazine

I am passing this to Mareng Amy and Janet.

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