Can You Say Gorgeous?

*Sigh* That's all I can say when I saw this photo of my other favorite football quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and his girlfriend, supermodel Giselle Bundchen. Just for the record, my other favorite is Steve Young, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.

Tom is the quintessential all-American guy. *sigh* Isn't he handsome? Don't worry, dh knows about my crush for Tom, he doesn't mind since he's a die-hard Patriots fan all his life. :)

I do think that they make a perfect couple, they are both gorgeous and their height is perfect for each other. She definitely earned the title 'supermodel', look at her body. I'm worried her boobs might fall out of her gown though. hahaha

*sigh* again! Go Pats!


  1. Alam mo Barb,ilang bese kona sguro nakita si Giselle sa mga magazines na iba iba ang fiance,nakakaloka sila.Hope she will ended up with this hunk,bagay talaga sila.Kawawa naman ang isa sa mga ex nya na si Leonardo Di caprio :)

    Happy mother's day pala sayo,dito sa France later pa eh.

    Online ako ngayon kasi marami na akong due date na assignments na hindi ko nagawa ilang araw na.

  2. Wow!!! I do not like Tom Brady but she does look so sexy.

  3. Aww, they really make a perfect pair, I'm so jealous of Giselle! I miss Brady, he managed to disappear without a trace after the uneventful Superbowl. And Giselle managed to shy away from criticism of being to blame for the loss, (just like Jessica Simpson) ;-). But they emerged in this gala with people not ever talking about the past superbowl anymore, but how gorgeous they are together.
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