A Class Field Trip

My daughter is going on a class field trip to Boston tomorrow. They will go on the Freedom Trail and the Boston Common. She is very excited and has her body bag all packed up and ready to go. In it, she has her Zune MP3 player, Nintendo DS and a small digital camera. This is the first time for her to bring a camera, she knows how to use it and she is excited to take photos. She has been on the Freedom Trail before, we were with my mom and the family two years ago. Too bad that I couldn't join them since I still have Tyler to look after.


  1. When I was in Boston I went on the Freedom Trail. What a great experience. Hope alot of fun was had!

  2. Yes, she and her classmates had fun. It was an unusually warm day in Boston. She was thankful I had her bring a visor and bottled water. :)


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