Elementary School Fundraisers

My daughter goes to a Catholic school and along with the tuition fees we also have to make a yearly 'contribution'. With the way the Catholic Churches' finances are these days, the schools have to rely on fundraising to get money for school improvements. The usual fundraising drive that they have is giving each child a box of candies and snacks which can be sold for $1 each. I usually just pay for the whole box since we don't have a lot of relatives and friends who live nearby. This is better than buying gift-wrappers or some other things that I don't use much. There is a company called Schoolpop, that provides non-traditional fundraisers. They have simple elementary school fundraisers for schools of all sizes. They offer a program where everytime you shop using the Schoolpop Platinum Visa, 1% of every purchase will go towards the school fundraising program. I think this is a great idea since it will be helping the school in earning money to use in purchasing new computer equipments, books and other important educational tools.

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