Ethocyn and Chantal Pharmaceuticals

Eversince I turned 40 (I'm very proud of it, thank you) a couple of years ago, I started looking for anti-aging products to use. It's no secret that when you get older, the skin loses it's elasticity and using anti-aging products will help slow and even reverse this process.

This website www.chantalpharmaceuticals.com was started by Chantal Burnison, a chemist and biologist. She created the Ethocyn molecule which was originally for accelerating the healing of wounds. She also found out that Ethocyn can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. So she started Chantal Pharmaceuticals. Their Ethocyn line of products that offers solution with long-term results. The advantage of these products is that it causes the skin to change on the molecular level. Their products restore the presence of elastin fibers (which is essential in maintaining the skin's elasticity) which help the skin regain it's youthfulness.

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