Gay Prom Queen?

Do you think a gay teen can be voted in as Prom Queen? I saw this newsbit about a high school gay student who was nominated by his classmates for the title of prom queen. What do you think, did the school do the right thing?

A Wisconsin high school has told an openly gay student that he can not go after the title of prom queen after classmates nominated him.

"If a guy can win Miss Legs and a girl can win Miss Physique, how is that different than me being nominated for prom queen?" said Uriel Gomez, a student at Washington Park High School in Racine.After Gomez's classmates chose him to be on the ballot for prom queen, he was told he could not go after the title, WISN-TV in Milwaukee, Wis., reported.

Gomez said he never planned for this and was prepared to give up once he was "shot down" by school administration. However, Gomez was encouraged by his peers who don't believe the school's actions are fair.

"It was the student body that wanted him there. So who is the administration to say he can't be?" said Gomez's date to the prom, Madeline Thompson. With two weeks until the May 17 prom, Gomez is in limbo and feels his reasons to be in the running are legitimate. At this point, Gomez doesn't know if he's on the ballot. Regardless, he said he wants to have a fun and memorable night at this year's prom.

WISN-TV attempted to talk with the Racine Unified School District to get more information, but they would not comment on the situation.

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