If You Could See Me Now

I'm currently blogging from my bed. I have an ice pack on my head, a sweatshirt (even though it is a warm night), pj's and a pair of socks. What a picture eh? LOL I've been feeling sick the whole day. I have a sore throat and it hurts even to talk. I hope it's just from my allergies and not from some virus. If my throat still hurts tomorrow morning, then I'm going to see the doctor and have this check-out. Fingers crossed!


  1. Got the same feeling the past few days..Just do water therapy te barbs..increase ur oral fluid intake and everything will turn out to be ok..:)

  2. Wow, and you're still blogging?, that's the spirit ;-), there's no slowing you down, LOL. Kidding aside, please get well soon, hope too it's just from your allergies.
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  3. Working even when sick, hehe? I hope u get well soon. I will addu after this in my two blogs.

  4. mareng barb, baka part na yan sa allergy or virus.
    patingin ka kaagad sa doctor diba alis ninyo next week na. Pagaling ka. Parang kami befor pumunta ng disney cruise may sakit ako.. hirap pa naman maysakit magtravel.


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