Ireland Car Hire

My in-laws will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the end of the month. We will be having a party for them at our house and we invited their close friends, brothers and sisters and my husband's siblings. They are a low-key couple, they have simple tastes and are both down-to-earth. My husband and his brothers have been thinking of a wedding anniversary gift for them. Since my father-in-law is part-Irish, they decided to give them a trip to Ireland. They've never been to Ireland but I'm sure they will both enjoy visiting the Emerald Isle.

I've been given the task of looking for accomodations and transportation for their trip. Since they are both independent and not into rigid schedules we didn't book a full-tour. We found nice hotels and individual tours for them. For car hire Ireland has Argus Rent-a-Car. It is Ireland's #1 car hire company and is family-owned. They have the best car hire rates in Ireland, be it a short-term rental or a long-term rental. Their rates already include both collision and vehicle damage waiver. You can choose from their fleet of cars, from economy to luxury rentals or if you are looking for something bigger, they also have vans. Their website is www.argus-rentacar.com

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