Legally Drugged

Well, I tried to get an appointment to see my doctor, Dr. Liu but she wasn't working yesterday. Good thing this medical practice has an Urgent Care Clinic so I went there instead. The nursing assistant swabbed my throat and after waiting for what seemed like forever, the doctor finally came. Good news is that I don't have Strep throat, bad news is I have some kind of infection, sinusitis I think. She gave me a prescription for Amoxycillin, an antibiotic to be taken for 10 days. So at this moment, I'm all drugged up. In addition to the antibiotic, I also took Claritin-D (the one with the Pseudoephedrine) and Tylenol for my fever. Howcome I don't feel any high? hehehe Drat! and I thought I'd finally experience being high on drugs. LOL Just kidding! Never had and never will...

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  1. Barb, good thing hindi strep...had that feeling too last month...amoxycillin din yung ti-nake ko.



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