My To Do List

My friends Mira of http://mirasblog.com and Janet of http:/janetjohn111203.blogspot.com tagged me for my To Do List. I don't usually write down a list, I just make a mental note of the things I need to do that day or week. So here goes nothing: :)

1. Mail out the Mother's Day gift for my mom in CA
2. Buy a Mother's Day gift for my MIL
3. Buy Amber a Zune MP3 player for getting straight A's the whole school year.
4. Go to my friend Michelle's house to get some fish. They're moving to another state and they have a whole freezer full of fish to give away.
5. Iron some clothes.
6. Plant flowers in the front yard and the deck.
7. Put away the sweaters and winter clothes in the attic.
8. Scan photos for a video slideshow and photo book
9. Order a photo book
10. Make a video slideshow for my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary party at the end of the month

There, I'd better stop now or else I wouldn't get anything done. :)


  1. Oy!! dami nyang lista.. hala ka..!!

    I laughed after the number ten..

    Buti at your wrote them for us to read.!! haha.. or else we won't have that kind of talent .. reading someone's thought what she needs to get done..!! haha..

    anyways.. get back there and so you can finished something .. yeah..

    take it easy.. don't do everything at once.!! sasakit ang utak mo nyan.

  2. mareng barb, bigyan mo ako ng isda para iihaw ko or e fry. nakaalis naba sila michelle diba last april 25 pa.


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