No Zzzzzs

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was tossing and turning. Well, it started right after I turned off the lamp. My nose started itching and I felt my nasal passages clogging up. Uh-oh, my allergies are acting up again. I tried to shrug it off since I thought I'd be asleep in 5-10 minutes as I usually do. Though luck, after sneezing ang blowing my nose repeatedly, 30 minutes has passed and I'm still lucid. I decided to go downstairs and take my allergy medicine. So I went back to bed, tossed and turned until I looked at the clock and it's already 1:15AM, 2:30AM, 3:10AM and finally I was awaken by the alarm at 5;15AM. So, do you see my eyebags that are bigger than your carry-on bags? hahaha Last night was unusual, I think it might have to do with the allergy medicine. I think it's the 'non-drowsy' kind and this might have contributed to my sleepless night. I hope I don't get sleepy today, I'll be seeing Mira and Josie when we pick up some fish from another friends house. Have you ever had trouble going to sleep?

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  1. hi mareng barb, I do have trouble sleep tuesday night because of the pollen. I was keep coughing and rolling and rolling in bed. I don't have much sleep the last 2 night plus I had to wake up at 6am to get ready for work.

    Sayang naman di ko alam pumunta na pala sila mira diyan sa inyo. May work kasi ako. I will call you tomorrow. Akala ko nakaalis na sila michelle last april 25. Di pa pala.


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