Ooops, where's our son?

Can you imagine traveling cross-country only to find out that your son was left in the airport? Well this happened to a newly immigrant Filipino family on their way to Winnipeg, Canada. They accidentally left their 23-month old son in the Vancouver airport, they didn't even know he was missing until they were told in the air. Apparently, they were in a hurry because they were re-packing their luggages after a customs inspection. They only had 10 minutes to get to the gate so the grandparents and mother went ahead. They thought that the boy was with the father, while the father thought that his son was with his wife. Since they sat at different parts of the plane, they didn't know the boy was missing. The boy didn't have his own ticket so there was no extra boarding pass.
Meanwhile, in the Vancouver Airport, the child was found wandering between the security checkpoint and the gates. Since he didn't speak English, they found an employee who speaks Tagalog and this person took care of him while waiting for the boy's father. Air Canada covered the costs of the return flights and the father and son were reunited.

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