An Unusually Busy Day

Today is one of those rare days where I have things going on the whole day. Dh is out of town for four days for a conference in Florida so Tyler and I had to drive Amber to school this morning. Afterwards, I had a doctor's appointment at 9:45AM and another appointment at 11:30AM. I'm so glad that my doctor wasn't late today, that meant that she didn't have any patients that gave birth this morning. I remember one time when I had to wait more than an hour in the exam room. It was close to Amber getting out of school so she had to go into extended care that day. This time though, she was only late for 5 minutes. She was the same doctor who delivered Tyler and was glad to see him with me.
Then had to do errands after those appointments and finally pick up Amber in school. In between, I had to grab some ooops from P3x and write about it. I'm so glad that these kind of days are not a daily occurence for me. I hate driving back and forth, especially with the gas prices these days.

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  1. hi mareng barb, busy rin beauty ko alam mo na nandito asawa ko pero ako rin naman lahat gumagawa plus nagwork ko.. kahit nandito siya ako pa rin nag ready ng gamit ng anak ko. Nanglalanta ako sa pagod at inaantok ako. kaya kayo lang muna ang bisitahin ko pagwala akong work thursday magbabloghopping ako.


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