Want to Avoid JetLag? Don't Eat

This is what researchers in Harvard University suggested for travelers to do to avoid jetlag. According to the researchers:

"If, for example, you are travelling from the US to Japan, you are forced to adjust to an 11-hour time difference.
"Because the body's biological clock can only shift a small amount each day, it takes the average person about a week to adjust to the new time zone.
"And, by then, it's often time to turn around and come home.
"A period of fasting with no food at all for about 16 hours is enough to engage this new clock.
"So, in this case, simply avoiding any food on the plane, and then eating as soon as you land, should help you to adjust and avoid some of the uncomfortable feelings of jet lag."
Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert at Norwich University Hospital, said the discovery was "potentially very beneficial" to travellers and people who work unsociable hours.
"It's never going to make the symptoms disappear entirely, but it could certainly make them a lot more manageable," he said.
What do you think? Is it going to work? Well, there is only one way to find out, and that is to try it. I'll let you know if this works. I'm not promising anything though, it might be hard to resist that delectable 'airline food'. :D

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