What to Wear?

I have been browsing through different travel forums and one of the questions that are asked mostly by 'women' is what to wear. I guess they don't want to look like 'tourists'. Isn't that silly though? They are tourists and tourists need to be comfortable. These women probably want to look fashionable like the natives. The Italians or whoever, live there and they go to work. Therefore, they need to look the part, wear business suit and the like. Since they do not have to walk all day to go sightseeing, these women can afford to wear high heels. As a tourist, you are allowed to wear something comfortable, as long as you don't look like a slob. So what am I going to wear? Summer pants, capris and blouses, thank you. And no, I am not going to wear high heels. You will find me walking the cobbled streets of Rome wearing my comfy flats :)

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  1. para sa akin,just wear casual dress or clothes kasi summer naman kayo pupunta ditos a europe,mainit na nyan Barb and dapat flat shoes yong suutin mo kasi marami lalakarin nyo lalo na pag nagbibisita kayo ng museums,hay!kapagod.

    Uy malapit na talaga!


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