Bank Your Child's Cord Blood and Help Save A Life

I first heard about Cord blood banking a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I think I read about it in a pregnancy magazine in my doctor's office. It was an advert from a cord blood bank, if I remember correctly. This ad explained that parents can choose to save their baby's cord blood for future use. That is, if in the future the child has a medical condition that can be treated by using the stem cells from his own cord blood. It goes on to say that umbilical cord stem cells are known to treat 70 diseases, including leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, diabetes and cerebral palsy.

Why a baby's cord blood? Because it is rich in stem cells. These are stem cells normally found in a person's bone marrow. Stem cells are responsible for producing all of the mature cells in our body.

The Value of Cord Blood are now known to medical professionals since research proved that stem cells can help save a life. A lot of people are diagnosed with a disease that can be treated with cord blood stem cells, diseases like Leukemia and Huntington's disease for example. Treating Diseases with Stem Cells are now routinely used all over the world. One leading cord blood bank is called
Cryo-Cell. It is one of the world’s largest and most established family cord blood banks with over 150,000 clients worldwide.

You only have one chance to save your baby's cord blood so why not go to www.Cryo-Cell.com for more information.

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