My Dream Grandfather Clock

Our project this summer is redecorating both our family room and living room. We need to paint these rooms a different color. Currently, it's just the boring and plain vanilla colored walls. One item I would like to add to both these rooms are some kind of grandfather clock. I've always wanted to own one eversince I saw it in my Aunt's house many years ago. There is something classic and regal about grandfather clocks. Right now, the only clock we have in the house is your run-of-the-mill wall clock, nothing special.
I saw this website that sells different kinds of grandfather clocks. They have this Howard Miller Arendal Grandfather Clock that I like. I like the shape and the fact that it has a different shape than a regular grandfather clock. Another important feature that I like about this clock is the nightime shut-off option. I'm sure nobody wants to be awakened in the middle of the night by loud chimes from the grandfather clock. I plan to have this clock in the living room, on the wall between two windows. I don't see the need to have two sofas at this time so that will free up valuable space.

This website also has different clocks on their inventory like mantel clocks, atomic clocks and even Movado and Bulova clocks. I have an uncle who is a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and I'm sure he will love a clock from the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. I read about this on a blog about Frank Lloyd Wright Collection of clocks. This blog is a good resource if you want to read about different clocks. The 1-800-4CLOCKS.COM is definitely the place to go to in the internet for grandfather clocks.

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  1. ay oo nga, naka bili kaba ng kokock uhr?

    sorry, wla talaga akong nabigay sa iyo, kahit gusto ko.
    pati ki Lanie n Mira, kasi naisip ko talaga na, marami kayong puntahan pa.

    kaya yon na lang ang binigay ko sa iyo para palagi mo akong maala-ala, makita mo ako palagi.

    but, it was a wonderful feeling I met you n your family.............

    same with bernie too..


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