Parking Space Too Small? No Problem!

This is the 'Smart Car'. I saw a lot of these cars in Europe especially in Rome where the streets are small and narrow. This is a neat car to have if you live in a place where parking is at a premium, like New York City or San Francisco. You can squeeze in where regular-sized cars cannot. This is just a two-seater car (obviously) and is not a gas-guzzler. I don't know about safety though, I wouldn't want to be in this car in an accident.


  1. tawa ako.......
    pero practical nga, kasi yon bagay para sa akin, kuripot sa gasoline at yon nervousa...

    maganda n magaling din sa pag-parking....good for shopping in the city.

    kasi dito, maliit ang mga parking place, mahirap talaga.

    ito, ok lang, bahala magas-gas siya, maliit at yon....pagshopping lang talaga.

  2. wrong parking na itong smart na iyo....

    bawal parking pa, kasi nandoon sa red cross sign at yon garage door, hindi ba?

    mali pa ang parking nya....hindi ba?

    naka tuwa ano?


Thank you for taking the time to comment. :o)