Picky Pickle

That's me! There are a couple of available jobs that's been staring back at me for a couple of days now but I have no intention of taking it. Gone are the days when I grab everything I can lay my hands on. I'm back to my good ol' self, 'picky pickle'.

I also don't have that much time for blogging. There are a lot of things lined up for me to do this summer. I don't stay up late at night just to blog. I just don't want to do it. I guess that's why I'm still on the fence if I'm going to make another blog. I still have not updated my food blog ever since we came back for vacation. I want to change the layout for that blog. I have so many ideas but no time to implement it. Maybe I should just pay for a new layout but that costs money. So I guess I need to pursue more tasks and not be a picky pickle.

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