Thanks Lou!

I'd like to thank Lou for always visiting my blogs and leaving messages on my tagboard while I was away for a month. :) To show my appreciation, I made you banner for your photography blog and Entrecard. (Click on the banner for the bigger file. Right click and save.)


  1. OMG!!!! Barb, thanks a lot for this...Talagang speechless ako when I saw this post. You're so sweet!!!

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

  2. nice one Barb!

    welcome back pala. waahhh late na ako dito pero nabasa ko ang entries mo naka subscribe eh...

    Magkita kami ni Elvie sa 26th. I'm excited and can't wait! hehehe.

  3. You're welcome Lou. :) I hope you like these.

    Thanks Carlotz! Ikaw and si Mira lang ata ang naka-subscribe sa akin. LOL Have a nice time with Elvz and the boys. Matagal ko na silang hindi nakita, 5 years na ata.

  4. gawaan mo rin ako mareng barb.. hehehe.. passing by from entrecard. see you around. tc


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