Travel Tip #6 - Lighten Up

Travelling across Europe by train for a month takes a lot of planning in all aspects of the trip. We want to travel light so we only brought two medium-sized luggages. That means, we had to do the laundry every week-and-a-half. Since luggage space is at a premium, we also opted to mail back our souvenirs every couple of weeks.

The first mail drop was in Florence, Italy where we mailed a box of souvenirs from Rome, Pisa and Florence. The second mail drop was in Trier, Germany with the souvenirs from Venice, Switzerland, France and Trier. The last mail drop was in Netherlands with Dutch souvenirs and gifts from friends. This method comes with a cost though, it's not cheap to mail packages from Europe. The most expensive post was in Italy which cost us 70E and the cheapest was in the Netherlands. So you might want to factor the mailing cost into your decision. It was a no-brainer for dh and I, we'd rather pay for the post than lugging all that extra weight across Europe.

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