Vatican Museum - I

The Vatican Museum is a treasure throve of magnificent artwork. I remember that I kept saying 'WOW' at almost every room. It is just amazing and I highly recommend going if you are visiting Rome. One can easily spend the whole day in the museum and I'm sure that even is not enough to scratch the surface. It is best to be with a tour guide to give you the basic information on each room. At the end of the tour, you can go back to any part of the museum and take your time. Photography is allowed in all rooms but one. They do not allow photography in the Sistine Chapel which is too bad. The copyright is owned by the Japanese company that financed the restoration of the chapel. Was I tempted to take a photo? Of course, but my 'good girl' side prevailed or should I say the angel on my shoulder did. :)

This post is just one of many that I will write that will show some of the artwork in the Vatican Museum. I think I took tons of photos that day and wished I could've taken more. These photos show the ceiling in the Map Room which is my favorite. If ever I get the chance to go back to Rome, I would definitely visit the Vatican museum again and again and again...

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  1. ganda talaga ano?

    someday, maka punta rin....yon ang sabi ni bernie sa akin.

    sabi ko nga b4 na 4ft below the ground na si ako....

    lahat-lahat na religious places-country....ito ang wish ko, if God´s will....Amen


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