When in Venice Do the Gondola

Ahh, Venice...wait, let's do it over. Ahh, Venezia. There, that sounded much better. Somehow using the Italian counterpart sounds more romantic. I miss saying 'grazie' or 'scusi'. Anyway, on to Venezia. One of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. I've always dreamed of visiting Venice, Italy. I've been lucky that

I fulfilled my life-long dream last month. We spent two days in this amazing city. It is the most expensive city in Italy compared to Rome and Florence. Since real estate is at a premium here, naturally the hotel rates are also sky high. We could've stayed in the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton in New York City with the amount of money we paid in Venice.

Of course, since we are in Venice, there is one thing that shouldn't be missed. That is riding the Gondola through the narrow canals of this city. Yes, it is very expensive but was it worth it? Of course!

It may have cost us an arm and a leg but the memories of going through the canals in a Gondola is priceless. The house in the middle of the last photo was the house of Cassanova, the so-called 'world's greatest lover' or womanizer for that matter. You can also see the effects of the sea water on the buildings. We saw a lot of erosion on the brick walls, rusty gates and rotting wood.

Riding a gondola in Venice is truly an amazing experience. Just remember to not think about the Euro to Dollar conversion so that you will enjoy the ride.


  1. mareng bar, I enjoyed viewing all your adventures photos in europe.

  2. alam mo, sa totoo lang, hindi pa ako nakarating sa Venedig....

    kasi itong asawa ko, sabihin lang,...kung yon lang daw, sakay na lang daw kami ng ship sa rhein....hahahah
    sa mosel ba......

    ewan bakit wlang gana siya, bahala sya pag may kasabay ako or kung may oras na ako, maraming mga Tourist bus magpunta doon, makisabay nga na wala siya....lol

    pero maraming nagsabi na Venedig daw is romantic at maganda daw.

    like sa mga pics, nakita ko dito sa iyo....wish na maka punta doon....someday.

    see, ikaw ang layo mo, nakarating na doon......

    thanks for sharing these nice pics.

  3. me and hubby would like to visit Italy someday especially venice, rome and sicily. hehe pero like u said, mahal so ipon muna, hahahha. by the way, did you do this on your own or nag cruise kayo or soemthing? pwede makahingi ng estimate cost or budget all in all including airfare and all that when you had that Europe trip last year? it might be a long time pa before kami makapag Europe but I just wanna have an idea of the cost more or less. thanks in advance my friend.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. :o)