A Baby Boom in the Family

A couple of weeks ago, I received birth announcements from my nieces in the Philippines. Am I now considered a 'grandmother'? Eeek! Que horror! One of my niece, who is also my Godchild had twins, a boy and a girl. Twins actually run in my mother's side of the family, my mom herself is a twin. I'm happy for both my niece, they are doing well in life and have a happy family. I liked the birth announcements, it was custom made and not your run-of-the-mill boxed set. It is just like the ones offered in DoodlebugDezigns.com, it is very creative and looks classy. They also offer greeting cards for all sorts of holidays and they have creative ideas to make a card stand out. I cannot wait to go back next year to the old country and see my 'grandkids', that will be a treat!

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  1. that's always good. mas maraming baby sa pamilya, mas masaya. lola ka na pala. wahahahah!

    ako din, me mga pamangkin na halos ka edad ko, kaya ang aga ko maging lolo.


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