Blogger or Wordpress?

When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, I started with Bravejournal then I moved on to Blogger and have been with it eversince. I stayed with Blogger when I bought this domain since they make it so easy (and you can't beat the $10/year fee.) I didn't need to worry about transferring files and all those stuff. Now that I'm starting another blog, I'm curious about Wordpress. I see a lot of blogs using this platform and the templates are varied compared to the ones that use Blogger.

BUT I have a lot of questions to all of you Wordpress users out there:
1) How much does it actually cost per year? (Is it more than $10?)
2) How easy is it to maintain? (Is it like 'Plug and Play?)
3) Do I need to know FTP and all that it entails? (I know a little bit about it)

Right now I am comfortable with using Blogger but I'm not giving up. I'll learn how to use Wordpress, just you wait and see.

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