Chocolates in Belgium

I've read a lot of articles stating that eating chocolates does not cause acne. What a relief! I love chocolates, specially dark chocolates. I don't eat it at a daily basis although I did for a short time while we were in Europe. The Belgian chocolates are just to die for. I still remember the first time I ate a piece, it just melted in my mouth. It's not because it's too hot and the chocolate melted, but there is something different. It might be because those pralines are freshly made unlike the ones that are available in any store that's a little hard. If you ever are in Belgium, you definitely need to try their chocolates.

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  1. totoo ito barb, belgiums choco for is the best.....lalo na yon mga pralinen nila.

    saan yon isang site share mo about the kids?

    eager ko silang makita.....


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