Did You Drop an EntreCard Today?

I am new to Entrecard, I just started a week ago. My good friend Lanie told me to sign-up for it so I would get some traffic into this blog. I've seen the Entrecard widget on a lot of blogs that I visited when I started blogging but I don't have any idea on what it was until she mentioned it. Thanks to her, I am now signed up and have been dropping EC like crazy. I usually drop EC early in the morning and later in the day. I bookmarked those sites that reciprocate my drops and I drop on them regularly. I've also taken off some sites that haven't dropped on me even though I've dropped on them multiple times.

I've read and heard that some bloggers make hundreds of drops daily, how can they do that? I wonder if they get more than 75% return drops? Hats off to those EC droppers who can drop more than 100 daily. Maybe you can share with me some tips?

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  1. You get out of Entrecard what you put into it. If you drop between 100-300 cards a day your "face" is in the inbox of all of those other blogs/

    Also the credits you get can be use to further saturate the internet with your "face" and what you will begin to notice is you're getting more and more hits and pageviews.

    You'll begin to make friends with people you drop on regularly and then you can exchange recommendations and get your ranking up on Entrecard.

    Also comment on other peoples blogs and many times they will reciprocate and will eventually exchange links with other people.

    So stick with it. You will see the results.

  2. I've got 5 blogs and I drop at least a hundred for each. Yes it's been driving traffic to my site like crazy as well. Since I've been doing EC for a month now, I've got several pages of droppers in my drop inbox. So what I do is I click all the widgets to as far as the 10th page, that's all my delicate right hand can handle ;-) So if people drop their ECs on my site regularly and appear within the 10 pages, their lucky because I'll be there to drop back at them ;-)
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  3. mareng barb, I'm glad you did sign up because I'm very happy with EC that because of Mira having EC in her blog. I went to their site and check into it what dropping really about. Can you believe I drop all my blog not everyday only when I have time ha, is 50-60 each blog. I feel like it's better to dropping than bloghopping and leave a comment, I have a lot more traffic both in my blog. Yeah not all you drop come back to drop yours, but I don't mind. I put the limit 50 drop only in each blog..more than that I can't do more anymore too much work.

  4. Thanks for the tips JJ. :) I'm starting to get my numbers up too so all these dropping ECs are worth it. :)

    OMG Mira aka BFF, no wonder your eyesight is getting bad. LOL Thanks for the tips about EC, I'll start that too. I hope I can get to 300. Today I dropped 92 cards.

    Mareng Lan, nakakapagod nga lang ano. :) Minsan nagbloghop pa rin ako kse di lahat may EC.

  5. with Miras helps (secret wink*) i dropped 600 less than an hour hehehe. 3 blogs. then pass mid-night i dropped over 100 in 15 mins. Thanks to Mira.

    Happy Friday!


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