Don't Lose It, Label It

At the start of every school year, my daughter and I go through all her school supplies with a label maker in hand. We print out her name and she sticks the labels on each notebook, folder and art supplies. We are not being paranoid that someone might take her things. It is actually in the school supply list, the teacher wants all supplies to labeled. This will prevent any confusion in class, specially among younger children. Last school year, we also put a label on her school cardigan sweater which proved helpful when she left it in the playground one afternoon. That saved me a lot of grief considering how expensive their uniforms are. The labels that are used for clothing are ironed on so it does not peel off quickly

My four-year old son meanwhile is starting Pre-school this year and you can bet that I will label everything that can be labeled (caps, lunchbox, extra clothes and yes, even his pencils.) He is still at the age where he is carefree with his things and he gets upset easily if he loses something. As you can see, there are many uses for the DYMO Label maker. You get a lot of options as far as the kind of label (paper, embossed, iron-on, flexible) to use on a variety of items. I also use the label maker as an organizational tool. I labeled the boxes where I keep my children's school work and art. I also used it to label our file folders. Once you get a label maker, you'll be running around the house putting labels on everything you lay your eyes on. So your pets better watch out!


  1. This sounds like a great idea. I have a label maker and it was given to me to label my son's bottles. I never did that but I guess I need to label his sippy cups. I do use it for my file folders- one day I will be as organized as you are.

  2. Hi Mekhismom, I'm no Martha Stewart though. LOL Thanks for always leaving a comment. :)


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