Give Me Back the Touchtone!

Have you ever called a company's customer service line and encountered those voice prompts? Those are annoying! No matter what I say, the 'machine' can't seem to understand what I'm saying. It's not as if I don't know how to speak English and I tried speaking slowly, fast, normal tone, it doesn't matter which way. Sometimes, it just doesn't understand what I was saying. How I wish they'd give me a choice of using voice prompts or touchtone. I prefer pushing a button than getting frustrated and saying words over and over again.

I have a website in my favorites called GetHuman database where they have secret phone numbers and codes that immediately get an actual, live person on the line for customer service at nearly 1000 major companies. This website is definitely a life-saver for someone like me who does not have a lot of patience. LOL

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