Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping?

Hey, it's never too early, right? Since my parents and sister lives on the other coast, I try to shop early for presents. Doing so helps me avoid those long lines at the post office plus I have a lot of time to look for good deals. It is easy to shop for women, isn't it? There are a lot of choices like pocketbooks, jewelry, clothes, perfume and so on. Shopping for men though, is entirely a different matter. I always end up giving my dad a shirt for Christmas, pretty boring. I'm thinking of giving him a blood pressure monitor this year. His old one needs replacing since he's had for a long time and the velcro on the cuff are worn. This is one gift that I know he'll be using for a long time.


  1. With or without I still want to give you this award mam Babette..coz you really are a


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