I'll Settle with Emily, Thank You

Pilot Inspektor? Kal-el? Phinnaeus? What were they thinking? Those names didn't even cross our radar when we were choosing names for our children. Hubby and I actually did not have a hard time picking names. For my daughter, I gave him five names to choose from and two or three for my son. I know of some couples who cannot make up their mind and the baby is already born. For those who need help in picking names, there is a babies names generator that hopefully, will help you choose or just give you ideas. It's very important to remember that your child will carry that name for a long time, until he turns 18 and can request the court to change the weird name you gave him or her. I know that some parents want their babies' name to be original, that's fine as long as it does not sound funny or weird. Can you imagine the child on the first day of class and the teacher calls out everyone's name? Guess who's getting all the giggles?

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