Let Go of That Tacky Gold Necklace!

Do you have any gold jewelry that you have not used for years? Maybe it is out of style or outdated, it could be one of those gawdy 70's style necklace or even a jewelry from an ex (now that's one that you do not want to keep!) Do you know that you can make money out of your old and unused jewelry? Trade your Gold for fast cash , it is not a hard process as you might think. The Gold and Stone Exchange will send you a free gold exchange kit. Your gold jewelry is shipped securely and is insured and you don't have to pay for anything. They will appraise your unwanted gold jewelry and evaluate it's recycle value afterwhich, they will send you a check. They don't charge a hefty fee, they only charge a 6% processing fee. You are not dealing with any middleman here so you aren't losing extra cash, aside from the 6% processing charge, everything goes to you. If you are still unsure and have some questions, you can chat with their online representative any time of the day. Now what would you do with the money you get from your old and unwanted gold jewelry? I would probably get a nice dress watch or purchase a top-of-the-line DVR for the family room.


  1. Too bad I didn't have antique gold hehehe..Hello Mam Beth dropping by this weekend.

  2. That's so nice! Where is The Gold and Stone Exchange located?

  3. @Joy
    Salamat sa dalaw. Ikaw naman 'maam' pa tawag mo sa ken, feeling teacher tuloy ako. LOL

    You can see it here:


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