My Poor Hostas and the Happy Deer

I knew after the first year I planted them beside the driveway that it was a big mistake. I noticed that some animal ate the leaves of the Hostas, I didn't know what kind at first until one early morning. I'm an early riser and when I looked out the window, I saw a doe and Bambi munching on my plants! We live in a private wooded lot and along with privacy, we also have a family of deer that lived in the woods. I was supposed to get some deer repellent but just never gor around to doing it. When we came home from our vacation, I saw a lot of weeds and no Hostas. As usual, the Hostas are the breakfast of choice for the deer. I will be ready for them next spring. I want to see my Hostas become full and grow flowers. I saw this site online where they have deer repellents that are also organic and earth friendly, it is called Havart.com. Using an organic repellent is very important specially if you have children or pets. Along with deer repellents, they also sell repellents for other pesky critters like squirrels (they dug up my Tulip bulbs!), skunks, groundhogs and they even have a racoon repellent. This site also has an extensive library with information on Critter Control and a section on how to get rid of critters called Critter Ridder. Whatever kind of repellent or critter control you are looking for, Havart.com has many selections to choose from.

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