Need an Extra Room? Get a Log Cabin

Now that my son is starting school, I have more time for blogging. Right now, I'm using the dining table as my desk for the laptop. My ideal space would be somewhere quiet with enough room for me and my stuff. It would be nice to have a small log cabin in the backyard, just like the ones offered at TheLogCabinShop.co.uk. These are ready to set up and are made with high quality wood. This company is environmentally concious, they only use wood that comes from a sustainable forest; new trees are planted at the same rate that mature trees are cut down. Aside from the Finnforest Log Cabins, they also offer garden shed, wooden garages or summerhouses for workshops, hot tubs or saunas. Their website also has a Learning center with information ranging from the preservation of a log cabin down to heating it up. Online ordering is also offered with delivery in just 21 days.

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