Send Business Postcards

This is a great idea if you own a business and need some kind of promotion to gain much needed exposure or if you just want to send a reminder to your customers about the offerings of your business. If you are just starting your business and don't have a mailing list, Vistaprint can help you purchase a mailing list that is composed of your targeted demographic. They have a partnership with Accudata, which is an industry leader in marketing information solutions. This will give you access to millions of mailing addresses from their extensive database. Using Postcards to sell your business is an inexpensive way of advertising. Vistaprint currently has a coupon code that you can use with your postcard order. They are offering 50 free oversized postcards, 8.5"x5.47". The coupon code you use for checkout is PC50. This is a great deal. Vistaprint also offers a complete postcard mailing service for those who are too busy to do it themselves. They will print, address and mail the postcards for you. All you need to do is give them your mailing list and either create your own design by uploading it to their website or have Vistaprint's expert and professional design team make it for you. You will save money with their discounted postage rate and you can send quantities from 1 to 20,000 postcards. Any way you look at it, Vistaprint's custom postcard service is the best for you and your business.

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