Vacation with Friends

Have you ever had a vacation with your close friends? It's fun only if you all get along. We've spent some vacation time with friends and we all enjoyed it. We've been talking of going on some Caribbean cruises. One of us just went on a Disney cruise in the Caribbean last spring and she and her family enjoyed it. I've been on a cruise in the Mexican Riviera. It was a week-long cruise and it was fun. If you don't have any self-control, then you'd end up a couple of pounds heavier from all the delicious food on board. Having a vacation with a group of people is fun, just make sure that you all have the same idea of fun.


  1. i agree..because it would be so boring if ur companion won't like what u do or the fun you love..:)

    m here again roaming around..have a great tuesday!:)

  2. mareng barb, sayang nga if we both go together on disney cruise talagang mag-enjoy tayo sa bakasyon. We are still here in Nova Scotia and be back in Boston Thursday late night cause the cat ferry will leave in yarmouth 4pm their time to portlant maine. We bring our car with us in the boat. talk to you when we get back. hugs and kisses to my inaanak.


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