Was It Geeky?

Ok, I admit, I always read the Science and Technology section of Yahoo news along with the other sections like US, Politics, Entertainment and even the Odd news. Do I consider myself a geek? Personally, I don't but probably some would, considering I know how to assemble a computer from scratch and troubleshoot hardware and software problems. Anyway, I think my geeky side showed up this morning because I woke up just as the Total Solar Eclipse was to start. It was exactly 10 minutes before it started. I went to the Exploratorium website and watched the live feed while I was drying my hair and preparing for the day. Yes, I had my notebook on the bathroom counter. I'm glad I did watch it, it was amazing seeing it live through the web feed. I also learned a lot about astronomy, they had scientists explaining solar bursts, coronas and what have you. If you missed it, don't despair. They have still photos available for viewing online. You can also watch the video itself. They said that the next total solar eclipse that will be viewable here in the US is on 2017. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be watching that too.

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